Top Resources for Remote workings

Remote working is fast becoming more and more popular, as are the various applications designed around remote and agile teams. We run through some of the best we have used to hopefully make your remote life more efficient.

1. Slack

slack community for remote workers
Yes, Instant messaging has been around since the first IP address, but none do it with quite as much style as Slack. Every team we have worked with in the past 4 years, has used Slack. Allowing you multiple channels, you can organise teams effectively and per project. There are both Free and Paid options for larger teams. Why not Join our Slack Community now to test it out for yourself.

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2. Jira

jira for remote working
Jira is one of our favourite task management suite for the agile team. Easy to project manage, the tasks are easily displayed and their updated UI means sprints are now well managed and displayed for ease. In addition, Jira offer other systems, like confluence that offers a team knowledge base that integrates well with the tasks. They also offer API solutions to deal with the likes of github and bitbucket so developer commits can automatically get assigned to a ticket.

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3. Trello

trello for remote teams
Another Product owned by Atlassin (owners of Jira) and a product management tool. This is good for a more diverse team and its UI is very easy to use. Trello feels like Jira ‘Lite’ so for a more simplistic task management tool, this may be the thing for you.

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4. Hubstaff

Remote workers will have a love/hate relationship with this one. We certainly do. In principle, its a great idea. It records remote workers screens so their work can be monitored. It allows companies to ensure their paid workers are doing what they should be doing… Which is fair enough.However, it can leave the remote worker feeling untrusted, and over monitored. The entire point of remote work is for more flexibility, so monitoring your screen for your entire shift feels intrusive. We would suggest that this is used by companies with caution. This may cause a little frustration with remote workers.

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5. Github

Github is a version control element and amazing for developers to commit work as a group without affecting other developers workflow. Tying in with other elements such as Jira can mean work monitoring can be effectively achieved without the need for other monitoring tools.

Version control is essential for any digital team. It means that anyone should be able to work on the project at any given time.

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We are constantly updating this list. If you have a suggestion, please feel free to Contact us