This role is for Senior Frontend Developer at Modern Tribe who are based in Remote. Please read through the job role and see how you can apply!

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Senior Frontend Developer At Modern Tribe

About the Role

The Opportunity Modern Tribe is looking for a talented Frontend Developer to join our team. We’re currently working on high-profile WordPress implementations that range between conventional to seriously bleeding edge. We will want to see plugin code examples – public plugins are ideal. We want people that are able to develop code that can withstand high profile sites and intense loads. You should be comfortable working as part of a team – your code will have to integrate into an existing architecture. If tightly optimized code get’s you excited – you’re probably a good fit. Do you have a dog eared copy of ‘Secrets of the JavaScript Ninja’ beside your bed? Would you be excited to work on large scale WordPress projects that actually require your JavaScript skills? Would you be stoked to push the limits of where JavaScript and WordPress can play nicely together? The opportunity calls for a mixed set of skills. We need someone with expert level CSS skills, impeccable WordPress experience, and solid JavaScript & PHP skills. Experience building sites with extremely large loads is a plus. We like our stuff to run fast and smooth. Responsibilities Architect: Work with design team to architect and document theme solutions using best practices Adapt: Integrate code into existing theme architecture Collaborate: Coordinate with designers, back-end developers and other theme devs Perform: Produce code solutions that load quickly and smoothly Review: Be a part of QA team and optimize / review other team members’ code

Key Requirements

Personal Competencies Strong communication skills Experience working as part of a remote team Self-motivated, detail-oriented Strong organizational skills A methodical approach to all tasks Ability to work on multiple projects at the same time and complete tasks in a timely manner Ability to prioritize workloads and meet deadlines Ability to work remotely with little-to-no supervision is a must Excited to be part of a team with the potential for a long term relationship Fluent English speaker Knowledge & Experience Experience with LESS or Sass Experience with es2015 and Babel Comfort in advanced JavaScript projects Mid level to advanced PHP Skills GIT Experience with extending and customizing the WordPress media manager and other JavaScript in the WordPress admin Experience with API requests and parsing responses in JavaScript Bonus Points Knowledge of WordPress theming best practices Examples of plugins / code that you’ve released to the open source community Proficiency at local environment development Experience with JavaScript templating. We like: Angular, Backbone, Handlebars, React and Underscores templating. Basically we hope you will be pro at one of the many different templating options out there right now.

Salary / Day Rate

$50-$70 USD per hour

How to Apply

Apply on our website:

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