This role is for POC Python Developer at StudioH67 who are based in London. Please read through the job role and see how you can apply!

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POC Python Developer At StudioH67

About the Role

We are a developer-first company, creating the future of banking information exchange. As a developer with us you’ll be responsible for building our API as a product that unifies financial/utility data feeds. You will work on E2E encryption based on the signal protocol. You will be using engineering practices such as Test Automation, Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD), Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD). Yup, we do DevOps and always start our work with BDD feature files. You will have the option of working remotely with flexible hours, and will participate in monthly team meetups at our London offices. A great way to put a face to the commits!

Key Requirements

Here are some skills that will come in handy: Experience writing REST wrappers for legacy projects (SOAP for example); Good at solving problems and knowing how to document those problems in Behave/Celery; Having an understanding of why it’s irresponsible to write an API without consuming it at the same time. With this role we are looking strictly for people who can, from 1-2 paragraphs of text, fill in the blanks and in matter of few days deliver a technical POC. It can be dirty, it can be barely-working, but it must prove that we can deliver it, and that it will work as we need it to (also known as meeting business requirements). This will be done with very little to no supervision, but plenty of available people to talk to if you need to bounce ideas off someone!

Salary / Day Rate

Competitive Salary

How to Apply

If you cover at least some of the above points, we want to talk with you. And by talk we mean talk, we don’t use Codility or other nonsense tools. Instead our process is simple - let us know that you exist by sending a short email to telling us about yourself and attach a résumé. Perform this short two to four hour programming task - - and when you are done please open a pull request to this repo with your solution. We get back to everyone who submits a solution to the task. After we will get in touch, and if we still like one another - welcome onboard! We offer generous salary and benefits compared to industry standards, all you have to do is show us how much you are worth!




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