This role is for Awesome Front End Developer, with WordPress at Agency,Mai? who are based in Rijeka, Croatia / London, UK. Please read through the job role and see how you can apply!

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Awesome Front End Developer, With WordPress At Agency,Mai?

About the Role

Here's a paradox: developers who want to do hard things don't usually choose to work with WordPress; WP makes it easy to do easy things, and so tends to attract developers who want to do easy things quickly. That's no use to us. We want to do hard things with WordPress. Crazy transitions, weird site structures, unusual JS and CSS work, API integrations, or back-end systems that go way beyond what WP usually does. If you're up for that, then we should talk! We're a small digital team with more work on that we can handle, so we need to add a truly expert developer to the team - freelance or full-time. We are definitely looking for a senior developer or very talented middle-weight dev - we have nothing for people who are just starting out, sorry. We don't have particular salary / rate in mind - it depends how experienced you are, how fast you are, and where you are based (i.e. what the cost of living is where you are). About Us: * We are spread across Europe, from Northern Ireland to Romania (mostly in Croatia and Romania). * Doing unusual things is fun! There is no point creating a site looks like every other theme out there! * We tend to work for mid-sized companies with high ambitions. This shows in the types of work that we do - small or medium sites, with high production values. * We very much work as a team, with developers, designers, specialists and production guys (project managers, etc.) cooperating. So good communication skills are required. About the Work: * You would pick up the work after a designer had "completed" the designs (in Photoshop, Sketch, etc. - it varies.) You would be responsible for all of the coding from there, getting everything finished to hand over to an admin who would flow in the content. * There are always challenges, puzzles and judgement-calls to make. Problem-solving is a big part of this - working out the best ways to make static designs move beautifully, to make responsive-ish designs work in all edge cases, working out how the site should be structured for the admin, finding the best CSS or JS approaches to animations that will look awesome and still be cross-platform, learning new APIs... etc! * There will be a lot of unusual WordPress work, using our own framework. * We do a lot of animations, transitions, movements and generally beautiful stuff. * Getting to grips with unfamiliar technologies is always part of the work. We also have non-WordPress projects (right now we could use strong vue.js and Laravel folks, for example), we often have to integrate unfamiliar APIs or systems (for CRM, shipping, booking, etc.). * We don't set the deadlines; you do; we don't decide how long things should take; you do; but once you've told us (and we've promised that to the client!) deadlines are sacred! * We expect to chew through projects pretty fast. * Coding from scratch to swiftly solve problems is key. No bloatware, minimal use of WordPress plugins, etc.

Key Requirements

* Outstanding problem-solving skills, obviously. * Strong PHP, CSS, JS, of course. * Able to create beautiful, responsive websites - thinking through problems making designs responsive, adding slick movement, etc. * EITHER very familiar with - and highly capable with - WordPress themes and plugins, WooCommerce, etc. (from scratch, not just working with existing themes) OR insanely capable and able to very swiftly learn (very swiftly!). Some sort of speciality might be useful - like WooCommerce or Vue.js. * Fluent English - spoken and written - and you need to be comfortable speaking on Skype. * European time zone (UK, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Romania, South Africa, etc.)

Salary / Day Rate

Competitive Salary

How to Apply

Please email us (with the usual - CV and examples of past awesomeness, plus freelance or full-time salary expectations) at



Rijeka, Croatia / London, UK

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